An extract from a 27 June 2002 letter (signed by someone who claims to own Pool Market) confirming a "change" to the June 2001 verbal contract made between his wife (the "Annette" mentioned in the letter) and the owner of the domain name (which he purchased on his and Annette's suggestion in 2001)


This letter obviously confirms the existence of the contract and notes the permission given for the site owner to tour the market to canvass traders (actually to ask if any want a web page / sub-domain / redirection to their own site on the Pool Market site at a cost of 4.22 per week + VAT (on Annette's insistence). Unfortunately this has not been possible because the owners of the market have prevented him from touring (or even entering!) Pool Market to date. It is left up to the traders to draw their own conclusion, or ask Annette (if she will talk to you), as to why? And consider whether or not a web presence of their own would have been (or will be in the future) to their benefit.





























Please email for information as to the cost of a web page / redirection to own site / sub-domain (i.e on the site and / or others  















































































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